Thursday, October 14, 2010

Workshop "Anglo/Scottish Borders" by Jody Allen

Come check out this wonderful workshop presented by Jody Allen on the Scottish Borders!

11/01 thru 12/10

Anglo/Scottish Borders
Instructor: Jody Allen

In 1237 the Treaty of York established legally the Anglo/Scottish border, but over the next 366 years this ”legal” border between two often warring nations, was as fluid as each Border family’s allegiance to their country: family before all else. This 96 mile border (Scotland’s only land border) reaches from the Solway Firth on the west to the city of Berwick on Tweed and the North Sea on the east encompassing three Marches on each side: East, Middle and West. This area has seen more of Scotland’s history unfold than anywhere else in Scotland. Home to the Briton tribes of Ptolemy’s map, they were first invaded by the Romans, then it was Anglo/Saxons (mercenaries left by the Romans), the Scots/Picts from the North, as well as the Vikings and Danes from the East and lest we forget the Normans. For the people of the Borders, scorched earth was not just a policy of war but a way of life and yet they survived to create their own culture and their own laws unique to anywhere else in Scotland: the Reivers. This class will explore their history (ancient to Union of the Crowns), the Riding families and the culture of the Anglo/Scottish border from the English and Scottish perspective. The Borders were much more than just a place for the English to elope to; Gretna Green.

The class will run six weeks with two lessons a week:
Week One--- Ancient to Treaty of York
Week Two--- Families/ Culture
Week Three-- Eastern March Scotland/England
Week Four--- Middle March Scotland/ England
Week Five--- Western March Scotland/ England
Week Six--- Border Battles/ Union of the Crowns

Jody Allen first visited Scotland in 1994 and fell in love with the Borders when she found the small border cottage her great-great-grandmother was born at. She has BA in history, a postgraduate certificate in Family and Local History from the University of Dundee Scotland, and is currently pursuing a certificate in Celtic Studies from the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee. She has been researching her own family's origin in Scotland for 20 years using the Scottish National Archives and many local Scottish historical societies. An avid Romance and Historical fiction reader for 45 years, she is currently developing a clientele of authors and editors who are using her Historical Copy Editor service.

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